“I Will Follow You” is a play about a modern-day Jonah who struggles with obeying God in the midst of personal tragedy . This multimedia event complete with stage, video, and lighting effects portrays the depths of God’s love and forgiveness through mercy and grace.

“I Will Follow You” was originally presented in 2016. With a more dramatic re-write and added dramatic lighting and atmospheric effects, we have heightened the story line and overall presentation. Even if you saw the original, you won’t want to miss this newly produced 2020 event.


“I Will Follow You” surrounds the life of a modern-day Jonah character named John Dyer.  Through some terrible circumstances, both his wife and son are killed because of the actions of mafia group and its boss, Leon Williams.  When God tells John to witness to Leon Williams and his organization, it shows traces of when God asked Jonah to witness to the Ninevites.

John runs from God until he finds himself shipwrecked on an island where he meets a special character, Ellie.  She helps John come to terms with God’s calling to follow wherever He leads, primarily by telling him a version of the story based on the three Hebrew children and the fiery furnace, which is powerfully acted out in Act 1.

The overall story tells us all that wherever God should lead us, He is right there with us, even in the hardest times of our lives.